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Welcome to our sphere!


The best way to define Spherical is telling you how it began/who are we? Let’s begin with its history/Let’s start with the beginning…


I am a patent translator for more than 20 years now. Translators were dictating on audio tapes, while typists wrote it down back then. When voice recognition showed up, I tried to diversify the way of working in audio documents’ transcription, and I found a new way. “Build on the skills, assist progress and maximise tools”

During these years I met colleagues in translation and transcription with whom we shared our good practices, knowledges and skills. Some employees joined us, thanks to them we learned and opened up to new businesses. “Meet – Share – Appraisal – Mutual trust”

After 20 further years of development, there we are: SPHERICAL. Our turnover has been multiplied by 10 these last 10 years. The most important things are: the relationship we created between our colleagues specialized in their own sector; translator and transcripter colleagues approved by us; and long-time customers to whom we owe our growth.


European patents – abstracts – national phase – claims – descriptions – PCT – oppositions/objections.

And now the unitary patent. We translate any kind of patent, in every field. 

Our skills allow us to do reviews and/or proofreadings of works done by someone else. 


Technical notice. Instruction. Product sheet. Safety record. Background documents. Specialized websites. Manuals. Specifications. Reports.

As we have skills in every field for any kind of patent, we can translate all kinds of technical translation. 


French <-> English

French <-> German

English <-> German

Italian <-> French

Italian <-> English


An unique contact for all of your transcriptions

In Extenso

Literally specific transcription 



Corrected transcription that go away from the speaking style to get closer of the written style.



Summary of basic informations of your records


Indirect style

Reports are produced in an indirect speech style

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