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Uriell Sermadiras


Transcription & Back Office

About Us

Spherical grew out of a joint initiative by the teams at ace Lingua and Higgins Office the creation of a one stop service provider which combines three long established specializations into a single unified structure :


Translation especially patents (PCT, claims, figures, etc..) in different language combinations (French-> English, German and Italian, and vice versa) 


- Recording and transcription of meetings (public and private sector, councils, seminars, audio and video conferencing, dictation, etc..) 


- Back Office (secrétarial, filing, archiving, scanning et digitizing, phone services, business services... )


Our goals

-To remain the go to specialists in all our fields, keeping quality first and foremost.


-To build bridges and strengthen connections for even greater reliability, efficiency and foresight 


-To continuously expand our knowledge, skills and contact spheres.