Business Services

We became officially authorised to conduct Business Services on 22nd January 2021‼

Spherical is authorised by the Préfecture of Charente Maritime to conduct Business Services business

We can therefore provide a correspondence address (in Charente Maritime), which is essential for company and employment registrations (RCS and RM)

We can also customize our business services to your requirements.

Uriell Sermadiras

Manager Back Office

Natacha Couturier

Business Services/Paperless Office Assistant

Our services

1. Simple receipt of mail and direct onward transmission to address specified by you

2. Receiving and sorting mail and processing elements you have specified before onward transmission to address specified by you

3. Optional call reception using personalized greetings: never miss any potential customers!

4. Our Business Services fees include the availability of a meeting room to receive your clients, as well as filing space for your documentation

Call Reception

Our Services

We can take calls in your name, either on a one-off or permanent basis. You’re guaranteed not to miss any calls !

  • Call transfer to suit you (schedules, dates, etc)
  • Message forwarding (shared diary, mail, drive, Dropbox etc)