Back Office

Nos services pour votre Back Office !!

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Business services

  1. Simple receipt of mail and direct onward transmission to address specified by you.
  2. Receiving and sorting mail and processing elements you have specified

  3. Optional call reception

  4. Our Business Services fees include the availability of a meeting room 

Paperless Office

  1. Digitization of your documents

  2. Definition of access rights, validation chains, etc

  3. Remotely access all your documents from a DMS solution.
  4. Manage your supplier invoices with our DMS solutions


  1. Typing and formatting documents

  2. Processing mail

  3. Relationships with authorities and organisations

  4. Planning management

  5. Tenders


  1. Managing social media channels

  2. Image creation

  3. Drafting social media posts

  4. Optimizing your marketing 
  5. Preparing presentations and professional meetings with you.
  6. Creating and developing your website using JIMDO software