Patent specialists

Our experts are reputed and approved regarding patents. This is why we can translate in all fields (PCT, abstracts, national phases, claims, descriptions, divisional oppositions, unitary patent, etc.).


This allowed us to break our record and do more than 3,900 translations in 2021! Due to requests of our clients, we can also:

- Translate captions on pictures and integrate them thanks to the software Paint

- Review translations done by other translators


NB: Texts to be translated are charged per source word, or per target word, for a summary monthly invoice or an invoice per file.


Language combinations 


French  <->  English

French  <->  German

English <->  German

Italian.  <->  French

Italian.  <->  English


All of our translators translate into their mother tongue.

Other translators/language combinations coming soon !

Our other translations 

Technical notice. Instruction. Product sheet. Safety record. Background documents. Specialized websites. Manuals. Specifications. Reports.


As we have skills in every field for any kind of patent, we can translate all kinds of technical translation. 

This activity represents more than 13% of our turnover.


Technical notes, spec sheets and instruction manuals


Legal and/or certified translations

Our Tools

We are ready to support technical innovation. We are always trying to improve ourselves. We are using all the computer-assisted translation tools, with the possibility to create/respect glossaries and memories of translation


We constantly invest in new tools. Thanks to the knowledge of all fields, we never refused a translation.