Patent specialists

Our extensive network of highly skilled and approved specialists in the patents field (PCT, filing in France, abstracts, figures, etc) means that we can cover most technical fields.

We can also incorporate any translations of text into your figures using Paint. 

Wecan charge out on a source on a target word count basis and invoice monthly or on a file-by-file basis.

Language combinations 


French  <->  English

French  <->  German

English <->  German

Italian.  <->  French

Italian.  <->  English


All of our translators translate into their mother tongue.

Other translators/language combinations coming soon !

Our other translations 

Because our network of translators and our skill sets are continuously expanding, we can also offer other types of translations.

Technical notes, spec sheets and instruction manuals


Legal and/or certified translations

Our Tools

We have the latest versions of these translation aid software packages so we can with your translation memories for greater cost effectiveness