Paperless Office

1. Spending too much time filing and archiving?

2. Important paperwork still on the file that’s now with your accountant?

3. Want to reduce your environmental footprint?

4. Want to make remote working easier for your staff?

Uriell Sermadiras

Manager Back Office


Paperless Office/Business Services Assistant

Our services


  1. We can scan/digitize all your documentation, etc.
  2. We can define access rights, validation chains, etc

  3. We can provide document recovery within a remotely accessible DMS solution.
  4. We can manage your supplier invoices with our DMS solutions

Why choose us ?

1. To increase productivity, to save time


2. Because the law encourages the Paperless Office 


3. Because many processes could be automated

4. For security of your data: Secure storage (confidentiality, reliable archiving) 


5. To reduce your printing and mailing costs